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This is one of the women out of group of women we have helped to manage their comprehensive health issues in Nigeria (HER TESTIMONY)


Through VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation, I have received treatment, money from Princess Kennedy. My daughter told me that somebody told her that all the women that are sick that need help should write their names and give to Princess Kennedy’s Father that when she gets the letter she will forward it to VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation, Board members and they will take care of them until they get better.

When we finally met with Princess, she told us about VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation: and promised she will do her best to get us on our feet again; when this illness stared I thought that I was poisoned. Princess Kennedy made me understand that with God all things are possible, when I finished talking to her concerning my illness, she called somebody at USA, immediately and asked me to talk to a doctor and explain to him how I was feeling. I was nervous until she explained to me that I can speak Igbo because the doctor will understand me. After speaking to the doctor’; Princess asked the lady/nurse she came with to Check me, she told us she will check all our glucose sugar level and blood pressure. After that she called the doctors again and wrote something in a piece of paper and gave to 3 of us, and asked us to go to any center closest to us and do some bloods work.

She gave three of us #10,000 naira each and asked us to promise her we will complete the lab test and call her once the result is out. We went and do the test at Onitsha because she gave us enough money to go.

We called her when we got the result, when she saw the result, she spoke to the doctor at USA again.

After that, she told us that we are diabetic and also that our cholesterols are very high. That my own is more serious, my swollen legs are as result of the diabetes. She called my children and told them what the doctor at USA wants me to be eating. She gave me 3 kinds of medicines and multivitamins as the doctor instructed her.

Since we started taking those medicines and eating according to the doctor’s instruction, I become well again, I can now walk around even to go to the market; I realized truly that I wasn’t poisoned but sick.

She gave us money when she was going back to USA, and told us to let her know if there are more problems. She makes sure we don’t run out of our medication.

Since that day we have been gathering people that will meet with them during their June 2011 visit to Nigeria. I thank God for VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation women; we pray they will continue their good work.


My wife was only 40years old when she died after battling LYMPHOMA, a form of cancer for about 9 years. This energetic, fun loving, 1980 Moscow Olympian passed on at about 8:30pm on the 4th of February, 2002. Her demise has only re-enforced our family’s resolution not to be broken by whatever negative force(s).


Before her death, we collectively fought this invader with love and strong family spirit. After her death, though impoverished by the cost of maintenance, my children and I have made great progress dealing with her absence.

With great sight the knowledge I have now, would probably have saved her or bought her some more time on earth. Knowing that with adequate awareness and knowledge, cancer can be detected early and better managed. I have given myself to join ViMabel WCHF to this great progress of counseling the affected and enlightening the unaware to reduce wasting lives through early deaths.

I will strongly match with VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation; and make this great progress!


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