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Mrs.Princess Adaeze Okaka

VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation is geared towards Philanthropy. The Founder Mrs. Princess Kennedy Okaka (Nee Okpala)  lost her mother early in life at her early age of 55 years to a preventable, treatable health disorder. Yes, her mother passed on; due to lack of awareness, funds and access to good medical care.  This unfortunate circumstance has propelled her to spend her time, funds and knowledge in making sure that what happened to her mother early in life does not repeat itself in the lives of the numerous women out there in Nigeria,  God permitting.  She and her husband has vowed to work selflessly to ensure that this foundation reaches the areas of Nigeria that are in dire need of help. As the founder of VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation she has other four women that she shares the same vision with.

Mrs. Princess Okaka is the third child of Chief Vincent and Late Ezenwanyi Mabel Okpaladinigwe from Awka- Etiti in Idemmili Local Government Area of Anambra State Nigeria.

Mrs. Princess Okaka is the President/chief Executive Officer of Asanpee Care Inc. and President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Citizens Health Care Services Inc. She holds a bachelor's degree in  Business Administration from University of Nigeria Nsukka-Enugu Campus, 1999. She worked with Central Bank of Nigeria Lagos from 2000-2003. Her mother's death devastated her so much that she left Nigeria and came to the United States in 2004. She worked with Wayne Westland Community School as a teacher. While working as a teacher, she was also working as an Adult Foster Care Home manager for 7 months. Her passion to promote quality care to the abused/ disabled adults gave birth to the formation of Asanpee Care Inc. Registered 501(C) (3),  Nonprofit Organization. A Specialized Residential Care Provider that provides care to Adults with developmental disabilities in certified, licensed facilities with 24 hour supervision.

Princess Okaka, being that passionate quality Care Provider - inspired to action by the plight of the disadvantaged and frustrated with the standard practices of home-care agencies that were putting profit ahead of patient care, gave another conceptual birth to CITIZENS CARE SERVICES Inc. to bring high quality Home Health Care Services to patients who choose to stay at the comfort of their home over hospitalization.

VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation was formed and dedicated in memory of her mother, Ezenwanyi Mabel Nonye  "Nee Nnabude" who survived breast cancer in 1969 but died in 2002 after minor surgery at the age of 55.

Her mission for VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation is for prevention and treatment of women comprehensive health problems by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and leading health care centers in Nigeria especially in rural areas, and increasing public awareness about women good health.

 Princess Okaka believes in fresh, modern ideas and old fashion values. She has remarkable work ethics, and executes her task with excellence.  A pioneer in all her dealings. Princess Okaka has helped many Nigeria Africans and Americans to maintain gainful employment mostly in her Companies, both in United State and Nigeria. Princess Okaka is married to a wonderful husband, Honorable Mike Okaka, an icon of humility, former Special adviser on diaspora issues to Anambra Gov. a business consultant and a devoted Christian. She is a source of joy, pride and inspiration to her children and family. Her husband/family and devoted prayers have been the source of her strength and success. She always humbly emphasizes that all of her achievements manifested through God Almighty, “Who make all things possible!”She has five children: 2 boys and 3 girls. She also has 2 grandchildren, a boy and a girl. She loves God, and she is very compassionate. Princess Okaka can be reached at emails:                                            

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