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The role women play in our societies cannot be overestimated. In most families women are the economic pillars and bread winners. Oftentimes women neglect their own health in order to take care of their husbands and children.VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation is a foundation dedicated to meet the health needs of women in our society especially in the rural areas. The services will include and not limited to educating women on the early diagnosis of the most common medical problems that affect women, to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer which is the leading cause of women's death globally. Building, Renovating and equipping, Health centers in the rural areas, Have medical Doctors on schedules in most our renovated health center to improve and maintain health of our aging parents and daughter in the rural areas of Nigeria. Our hope is that in the years to come and with your support, we will meet the health needs of our women. We at VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation thank you and will always appreciate your support.

Sincerely, VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation Group


One day, on a cool Sunday evening, a friend of mine for years called me and said "Lady, I have a dream and a vision" I said to her speak, I am listening. She said to me, I want to promote wellness and longevity in women especially in the rural areas of Nigeria. I asked, why women? She responded and said: During my various visits to Nigeria, I visited my sister in-law at our town health center who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my dear; I was horrified with what I saw. The so called health center is not good for animal dean, but was filled with women that gave birth to new babies. I interviewed the nurses; they told me that Government doesn't care about them because they (Govt. Officials) can afford to take their families abroad when they have medical need. They said that as long as the leaders don't need the services at health centers, they don't care. The Health Center was built in 1950 or over and has not been renovated for once; no equipments, no electricity, water, in fact it is only by special grace of God that those women survive there. I felt so many burdens with what I saw. I visited other health centers and found out that they are in worst situation than the first. I interviewed nurses at each health center I visited and they told me that due to lack of electricity, water, Toilet, bathroom and nurses' quarter, they sometimes have causalities and still birth. I learned from the nurses also that their highest death rate is mostly, women that are diabetic and hypertensive [heart diseases] . I remembered how my mother died due to lack of good medical facilities, good medications and equipments. She continued and said that, because women are the backbone of families, the success of children, fathers and husbands lie in the women's hands. Sometimes women sacrifice their health to take care of others around them. She said; I want to start a foundation that will be dedicated to my mother Mabel to; build and equip health centers in the rural areas, put doctors on schedule and put them in foundation payroll. Create awareness, by letting our women realize that they have to be healthy and alive to take care of others. Women need to know that the best gift they will give to their husbands and children is to maintain good health. VinManel WCHF; will educate them on the comprehensive health problems that affect women and how to prevent them. I then, said to her, my dear, I share the same vision. This friend of mine is Princess Kennedy Okaka, the president/ Founder of VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation. She is a compassionate care giver, Residential Care Provider, Director/CEO Citizens Care Services and a philanthropist. Princess Okaka derives joy in putting smile in people's face.

Throughout my years of experience as a community worker and an educator; I have come to the realization that women are the backbones of families. If the backbone of the family is eaten by a canker worm called sickness and diseases, the flesh (other members of the family) that are attached to the backbone lose their attachment and decay. In order for fathers, husbands and children to function as positive members of the society, the women in their lives will have to be in their utmost good health. Support our mission to save more life;

For this sole reason referenced above, I am devoting my time, energy and expertise to promoting the vision of VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation so that together: we can promote women health through research, education, funding, building/renovating and equipping health centers so that the various communities will thrive, succeed and be happy and truly creating an environment that is livable and free of crimes. Join us today and make this great progress.

Josphine Akpua ( Executive Board of Trustees/Corporate Secretary)
Maryland USA

Below are personal stories to inspire you to join us in making great progress against these comprehensive health problems.

Knowledge is power

I have been touched by experiences of friends and loved ones who have passed due to heart disease and diabetes, especially my beloved maternal cousin that died of stroke. She died at her youthful peak after marriage. The death still remains a nightmare to me. With the knowledge of early detection and treatment today she would have added more years to her life. Knowledge is power because knowing more about a disease provides opportunities for solutions. Ask important questions from physicians, health care professionals, and academic scholars; you will surely get valuable answers and feedbacks.

The more you understand the nature of a disease, the more you take control, and manage it efficiently, and comfortably.

Let's continue to create the awareness to all citizens, more especially to the less privileged that need more HELP. Early detection of any disease leads to early prevention; Join VinMabel Women Comprehensive Health Foundation great progress and Go Red team to save lives by creating awareness and raising fund for our events and projects.

Ezinne Easter Elue  (Executive Board of Trustee/ Vice President)


My best friend is gone: Tuesday Jan; 30, 2011

My friend was only 46 years old, she was happy and healthy and strong willed till one day she complained that she was feeling weak and weak, she complained that it happened since she came back from burial of her friend. She believed her food was poisoned. I encouraged her to see a doctor but she complained she has got medicine twice from the local drug store that she cannot afford to go to hospital and waste more money. When I got to Nigeria on visit and visited her, she was looking so terrible. I provide her money to get medical attention. She was diagnosed diabetic and hypertensive. But it was too late; the illness has eaten deep into her system.

She passed; my friend was still young when she passed. We miss her very much she was my only close friend left in Nigeria. I wish that I could turn time back and bring her back. Her mother has suffered so much due to the loss of her daughter, so I am making this Great Progress for her and other women in the rural areas of Nigeria. To create awareness and funding to establish quality health centers in the rural areas of Nigeria, that will provide free quality care to the less privilege women. And volunteer my time as best as I can. I would like for everyone to know that strength is important and should always be present in all that every fighter and survivor does. Keep up the fight and never give up the fight. LONG LIFE TO ALL Women!

Ezenwanyi Nnemmanwu May Egbunike (Executive Board of Trustees/ Funding)
Agbakoba England London

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Garden City, Michigan 48135
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